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Custom Cooling Towels LGJ-003

  • Material: Polyester fiber
  • Shape: rectangle shape
  • Color: red, blue, orange, black, purple,blue, light blue,gray,green
  • Size: 30*80 cm, can customized size
  • Package: PVC bag with buckle
  • Multi use: such as cycling, golf, camping, hunting, hiking
  • LGJ-003

Product Description

Material polyester fiber
Color red, blue, orange, black, purple,blue,light blue,gray,green
Feature rapid cooling
Size 30*80 cm reusable cooling towel
Logo personalized baseball cooling towels accept custom logo
Package 1pc in PVC bag with buckle(100pcs/ctn)or customized package

Custom Cooling Towel LGJ-003 (6)Custom Cooling Towel LGJ-003 (7)Custom Cooling Towel LGJ-003 (8)Custom Cooling Towel LGJ-003 (9)

Elevate your game with our Personalized Baseball Cooling Towels – the ultimate fusion of performance and personalization. Crafted for those intense moments on the field, these towels are a game-changer in the world of sports accessories. Each cooling towel is a canvas for your unique style. Packaged in a standard PVC bag, the perfect backdrop for your logo customization, these towels become a powerful brand statement. Showcasing your team emblem or sponsor logo adds a touch of identity and unity, making them perfect for both individual players and teams. Whether you're gearing up for a high-stakes match, practice sessions, or cheering from the stands, the Personalized Baseball Cooling Towels are designed for all occasions. The cooling technology ensures a quick and refreshing relief, allowing players to maintain their focus and stay in the game. Compact and convenient, these towels are easy to carry in your sports bag, ensuring you have instant refreshment at your fingertips. The PVC bag not only provides a stylish packaging solution but also protects the towel, ensuring it's ready to deliver that burst of coolness whenever you need it. Make a statement both on and off the field with Personalized Baseball Cooling Towels. From the game-winning play to promotional giveaways, these towels are the perfect blend of functionality and personalized branding. Gear up and stay cool with a touch of individuality – because in baseball, as in life, every detail matters. Our reusable cooling towels are available in sports cooling towels bulk orders, ensuring you're always prepared for the game. Experience the original cooling towel designed to keep you cool and focused during intense gameplay. Personalized baseball cooling towels add a unique touch to your team's gear, setting you apart from the competition.



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