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TOP 9 canvas tote bag manufacturers in USA

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Canvas tote bags have become an essential accessory in today's fashion-conscious world. Behind these stylish and functional bags lies a thriving industry of canvas tote bag manufacturers. In this article, we delve into the world of canvas tote bag manufacturing, exploring the craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication that goes into creating these versatile accessories.

Canvas tote bag manufacturers are the architects of fashion and functionality. These skilled craftsmen meticulously select premium-grade canvas materials known for their durability and strength. With precision and expertise, they cut and sew the fabric to create spacious and stylish tote bags suitable for a variety of purposes. Whether it's for daily errands, beach outings, or grocery shopping, these manufacturers ensure that each bag is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Canvas tote bag manufacturers constantly strive for innovation and uniqueness. They offer customization options that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of their clients. From selecting different colors and patterns to adding personalized logos or designs, manufacturers work closely with their customers to create bespoke tote bags that reflect their brand identity or personal style. This focus on customization allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to have a one-of-a-kind accessory that sets them apart.

In today's environmentally conscious world, canvas tote bag manufacturers are embracing sustainable practices. They prioritize eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton canvas, and employ ethical manufacturing processes to minimize their environmental impact. By opting for canvas tote bags, consumers can contribute to reducing the use of single-use plastic bags and promote sustainable fashion choices. Manufacturers play a vital role in this movement, employing eco-friendly production methods, such as water-based dyes and energy-efficient machinery, to create environmentally responsible tote bags that align with the growing demand for sustainable products.

To maintain high standards, canvas tote bag manufacturers implement rigorous quality control measures at every stage of production. From raw material inspection to the final product, each bag undergoes thorough checks to ensure that it meets the desired quality benchmarks. Compliance with industry regulations and certifications further guarantees that the bags are free from harmful substances and adhere to ethical labor practices. By prioritizing quality control and compliance, manufacturers instill confidence in their customers, assuring them that the tote bags they purchase are not only fashionable but also safe and responsibly manufactured.

Canvas tote bag manufacturers operate on a global scale, serving clients and customers worldwide. From small-scale artisan workshops to large-scale production facilities, these manufacturers encompass a wide range of operations. Some manufacturers specialize in handmade, intricately designed canvas tote bags that exhibit local artistry and cultural influences. Others leverage advanced technology and machinery to meet the demands of mass production. Regardless of the scale, each manufacturer contributes to the diverse and vibrant canvas tote bag market, offering options that cater to different styles, needs, and budgets.

In this article, we'll be taking a look at 10 of canvas tote bag manufacturers in China. We'll also be giving you an overview of each company so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. Let's get started!

Table of Contents

1. Baggu

2. Custom Earth Promos

3. Eco-Bags

4. American Bag Manufacturing

5. Earthwise Bag Company

6. ToteBagFactory

7. Printful

8. ReuseThisBag

9. Totebagmart

10. In conclusion


Baggu is a popular canvas tote bag manufacturer based in the USA. They offer a wide range of canvas tote bags in various sizes, styles, and colors. Baggu is known for their commitment to sustainability and high-quality craftsmanship. Their bags are made from durable materials and are designed to be reusable and long-lasting. In addition to canvas tote bags, Baggu also produces other types of bags, including backpacks, pouches, and reusable shopping bags.

For much of BAGGU's history, their sustainability efforts focused on the elimination and minimization of waste in our operations and production processes. Sustainability can feel daunting and complex, and given their limited resources as a small company, prioritizing waste reduction felt like a natural focus — an extension of our mission to eliminate single use plastic bags.

As grown, they've worked to commit greater resources to operating sustainably, and to addressing sustainability more holistically. Their current Sustainability Team includes members from all our departments — Design, Production, Operations, Marketing, Brand — and meets on a monthly basis to identify and prioritize new opportunities for improvement across the company.

Main Product:Backpacks, Pouches, Reusable Shopping Bags

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Custom Earth Promos

Custom Earth Promos is a high quality canvas tote bag manufacturers in USA. It has specialized in manufacturing reusable bags for the past 14 years. Their mission began in 2009 when they decided to help rid the world of single use plastic bags. Since then, they've made huge strides, selling over 100 million custom reusable bags.

They are an eco-friendly company that specializes in custom bags but are capable and skilled at printing many other types of custom promotional products. Anything that you and your team can dream up they can create. Their team of talented designers, account managers and logistics coordinators excel in creating unique custom products that will be sure to turn heads at the checkout line or your next event.

All of their products are in accordance with California's Proposition 65, meaning that they are made without harmful chemicals. Made out of up to 100% recycled materials, every bag is assembled with care and attention to detail, ensuring that each one will meet your standards. They print using eco-friendly inks made out of soy and vegetable products, rather than petroleum-based inks that are harmful to the environment. They have even expanded to include new and exciting materials for their eco-friendly bags and lanyards, such as bamboo, jute, and organic cotton.

Main Product:Eco-friendly Bags, Bamboo Bags, Jute Bags, Organic Cotton Bags

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Custom Earth Promos


Eco-Bags is one of the best canvas tote bag manufacturers based in the USA.

Since the late 80's, their mission has been to show the world that one small decision can make a huge impact. They wanted to show how being environmentally conscious can be accessible and affordable, and show business leaders that it is possible to balance planet, people and profit. These are our driving principles since day one. It's what keeps us going.

They’re thrilled and inspired by the challenge of building a consumer product business that actually creates less waste—all while creating the highest-quality, durable, functional, practical styled goods that inspire others to live, act, and do better every day.

From the products they sell to the sourcing and delivering of their materials, we’re always looking for ways to improve their practices and reduce their carbon footprint from start to finish. With new options and innovations becoming available all the time, they're excited to evolve their brand to best suit their customers and the Earth.

Main Product: Drawstring Bags, Shopping Bags, Small Bags, Tote Bags

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ECO Bags

American Bag Manufacturing

American Bag Manufacturing, Inc. is a producer and importer of high quality canvas tote bag manufacturers in USA. Established in 1985, American Bag is known for the quality of their products as well as the superior service they provide to their customers.

All of their products are available in a wide variety of sizes, allowing customers to choose from a

large selection. From industrial to food packaging, our goal is to meet all of your specific packaging needs.

ABF's mission is to provide quality products, superior customer service, and continuously improve the operations in order to remain cost effective in the competitive plastics industry. As one of their customers, you will be provided with efficient, hassle-free service, and accurate, up-to-date information.

They pride on delivering custom-made products specified by the client at competitive prices. It has always been our goal to make the best possible product based on the customers' needs. No matter what kind of plastics packaging your company is looking for, it's in the bag!

Main Product: Food Bags, Packaging Bags, Shopping/T-Shirt Bags

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American Bag Manufacturing

Earthwise Bag Company

Earthwise Bag Company is one of high quality canvas tote bag manufacturers in USA.

The first reusable bags were marketed locally in 2005 out of the trunk of a car. Plastic bag pollution littered our streams, parks, fields, roadsides, and oceans. Launching our mission to “Choose to Reuse,” Earthwise partnered with our customers and communities to transform the environment, educate, and serve.

Over the past fifteen years, Earthwise expanded in Research and Development to create a full range of solutions.

Today, They have grown to operate with a dedicated design team, international and domestic manufacturing partners, and a fully integrated supply chain that are all in alignment with their sustainable vision. Likewise, they serve their customers by partnering with them on their goals, with incremental improvements to reduce their carbon footprint.

From selling reusable bags out of the trunk of a car, to establishing a global ecosystem of partners, our story is just beginning. We look forward to you joining our global community.

They seek to build better products by industry leading research and development, while acting as a resource of education to our community, and seamlessly scaling sustainable practices while benefiting our supply chain.

Main Product: Grocery Bags, Box Bags, Wine Bags,Insulated Bags,Natural Woven Bags

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ToteBagFactory is one of best canvas tote bag manufacturer based in the USA.

ToteBagFactory supply companies, small business and hardworking individuals as yourself, with quality items for wholesale prices. Selling Cotton Canvas Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags - Backpacks, Wine Bags, Laundry Bags and more isn't just our daily routine, we live for our business and wouldn't want it any other way.

The reason they can offer you their hand selected items, for such low prices, is because they didn't just settle for a quick buck, they took the time and effort to make factory direct deals and import their products directly. The cost they save by doing this is the cost you save on their products. After all, it’s only fair, right?

“Cheapest” and “lowest price” are sentences you see daily all over the internet, but offering a cheapest price with a quality guarantee, is a commitment on a whole new level. When you shop on their web shop, you shop with confidence. Their convenient live customer service is online and ready to answer your questions about item details or even shipping and return policies.

Main Product: Cotton Tote Bags, Canvas Tote Bags, Non Woven Tote Bags, Burlap Jute Tote Bags

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Printful is an on-demand printing and fulfillment canvas tote bag manufacturers based that helps people turn their ideas into brands and products. Whether you wish to create your own online brand or gift someone a personalized canvas tote bag, they can help you get it done. Whenever someone—you or your customer—makes a purchase, they'll automatically receive the order, fulfill, and ship it.

You trust us with your reputation, so we deliver quality you can rely on. We're here to turn your ideas into products that make a lasting, meaningful impression.

They see opportunities to grow and achieve success sustainably. When orders are printed on demand, less leftover inventory winds up in landfills. It's their goal to make on-demand manufacturing the norm for a planet with finite resources and people with infinite ideas.

All you need is passion, and they'll give you the tools to make it work: from custom-built integrations and design tools, to printing and shipping your orders.

Just like you, their team is motivated and strong, in both character and actions. Everything they do is from a place of quality and trust.

Main Product:Tote bags, Duffle bags, Drawstring bags, Backpacks

Office Picture:



ReuseThisBag is a promotional canvas tote bag manufacturer based in Bend, Oregon. For nearly 20 years, they’ve been servicing small, medium and large businesses imprinting custom reusable bags with logos and custom client artwork! They were one of the original reusable shopping bag providers ever online to provide high quality cheap and affordable custom wholesale reusable shopping bag options. Today, many more reusable bag providers exist but our quality, reputation, and expertise still reign as one of the industry's best canvas tote bag suppliers. Their wholesale reusable canvas tote bag business has the items you need for your marketing, promotions, giveaways and brand development campaigns.

Bulk custom wholesale reusable canvas tote bag make perfect sense. If for any reason you are confused or need a handheld throughout the process please pick up the phone and call them direct anytime!

They started the company in 2006 as a way to give back and help the environment! They all grew up here in California and have seen plastic bags on the beach and in the water for years!

Main Product:Lunch Bags, Food & Restaurant Bags, Drawstring Bags, T-Shirt Bags

Website Screenshot:



Totebagmart popular canvas tote bag manufacturer based in Miami, Florida, they are committed to their customers all across North America.

Their canvas tote bags can personalized for your promotional and marketing needs. We can cater to different requirements and facilitate different imprinting methods.

Using state of the art machinery they offer a great way to promote your brand. They offer several printing methods which include screen printing, color evolution.

For the convenience of our customer, all the products that we carry are made with high quality and at wholesale prices. ToteBagMart is committed to delivering its customers a durable and stylish tote bag.

Their mission is what drives them to do everything possible to serve their customers in the best possible way. They do that by creating high quality canvas tote bags, by making their products more sustainable.

They offer something for everyone, a major corporation looking for thousands of Tote bags or for a small giveaway event.

Main Product:Cotton Tote Bags, Canvas Tote Bags, Non Woven Tote Bags, Polyester Tote Bags, Kraft Paper Bags, Plastic Tote Bag

Website Screenshot:


In conclusion, Canvas tote bag manufacturers are the backbone of an industry that seamlessly merges fashion, functionality, and sustainability. Through their dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and quality, they transform canvas fabric into stylish and practical accessories that have become a staple in our everyday lives. So, the next time you grab your canvas tote bag, remember the intricate process and skill that went into creating it.

Whether you need a small batch or a large volume of canvas tote bags, you also can consider find a high quality canvas tote bag manufacturer in China. Like Danyang Kyuri.

By procuring from Danyang Kyuri, businesses can often obtain canvas tote bags at a more competitive price, leading to cost savings.

Kyuri offer a wide selection of canvas tote bags in different styles, sizes, colors, and materials. We allow buyers to explore various options and find the best-suited tote bag for their specific needs, ensuring a higher chance of finding the desired product within your budget.

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